5 Exciting Things To Do In New Jersey this summer

5 Exciting Things To Do In New Jersey this summer

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Are you looking for interesting ways to spend your summer in New Jersey? Then you have come to the right place as we have taken out time to pick out exciting activities that would give you that perfect summer vibe.

Visit Historic Sites

You can kickstart your summer vacation with a visit to some of New Jersey’s historic sites, parks and villages. You can begin by taking a tour of the laboratory and home of the iconic scientist Thomas Edison. This would serve as an educational trip for both parents and kids as they get to learn about history and get acquainted with some old artefacts. The Battlefield State Park is another history filled park you can check out. You can take a walk through the Clark House Museum and the stone patio which honors the 21 British and 15 American soldiers killed in battle. Another historic site you would enjoy visiting is the Fosterfields Living Historical Farm in Morristown. Visiting this historic site would give you an immersive experience on how farm life was like in the early 20th century.

Give Your Taste Buds a Wine Treat

Why don’t you go on a wineries and vineyard tour this summer? You get to experience the variety of exquisite wines that some of the delightful tasting rooms in New Jersey have to offer. Each year during summer, the fun-filled Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival is hosted in the convention Center. Attending this summer event will leave you with good memories as you’ll get a taste of local cuisines and the best wines.

Explore Parks and Beautiful Beaches

Due to its beautiful beaches and boardwalks, New Jersey can be tagged the summer haven. The garden state offers you a wide range of fun activities across its 130 miles coastline. You can just cool off by watching the sunset on the beach, have a reinvigorating sunbathe, participate in beach sports activities and explore the spicy cuisines that various restaurants and beachfront hotels have to offer. One major town you wouldn’t want to miss is the Cape May, as it is one of the most beautiful towns in New Jersey. This town is adorned with some of the most colorful Victorian style houses. From visiting the Cape May Zoo to enjoying the amazing view around the beach and enjoying delicious meals in restaurants such as The Ugly Mug bar, fun-seeking tourists are sure to have a delightful summer vacation.

Go Hiking

Are you a nature lover? If your answer is YES! then this is an exciting thing for you to do this summer. Take on an adventure to conquer the mountains as you hike through the Pinelands. The 1.1-million-acre landscape would offer you the serenity you need to reflect and enjoy the summer humidity.

Take a Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

For those who are adventurous and are not scared of heights, this should be on your bucket list this summer. Take a cruise in a hot air balloon and experience the best views around New Jersey.

When it comes to having an exciting summer in New Jersey, there is always a little something for everyone. So, whether you’re going on a family outing or vacation, you’re sure to have a good time.

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