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how to sell house fast NJ

Do you have unanswered questions about how to sell house fast NJ? Then sit back and relax as we walk you through on all you need to know. New Jersey is indeed a great place to live and work in as it has a thriving economy with beautiful beaches and countryside. These factors keep drawing people and investors into New Jersey, thereby causing a rise in the value of homes.

According to the data through May 2019 by Zillow Home Value Index, the median home value in New Jersey is around $327,400 with locations that are closer to the city such as Jersey City starting as high as $380,000. The garden state’s home values have gone up by 3.5% over the past year and are predicted to rise by 1.6% within the next year. This makes the housing market a booming one and house owners are looking for reliable means to “sell house fast NJ” and cash out their equity.

Selling your house in New Jersey the traditional way through realtors can be a painstakingly long process that brings you emotional breakdown. In fact, it is an arduous process where you must deal with the lawyers and sign piles of paper works, go through the tedious inspection process and have countless visitors trooping into your house once in a while to check it out, not to mention the heartbreaking scenario of having a retail buyer pulling out of the deal at the last minutes cause their loan fell through.

If you want to sell house fast NJ, there are a lot of home buying companies in New Jersey who can buy your house within weeks or even days. Here are some reasons why you should consider a “cash for house company” if you intend to sell house fast in NJ.

It’s a much simpler process to than the traditional way.

First, you can sell house fast in NJ without any online listing and those annoying yard signs that inform the entire neighborhood about your plans to sell the house and move on. In fact, you also wont have to keep your house in a showing condition the all times. As well as you also wont have to have strangers to come in and look at your home.

You can sell your house in As-IS condition.

And this is a big one! Especially if you are trying to sell your house fast. Buyers will ALWAYS have inspectors come in and inspect every single corner of your property as well as try and renegotiate the sell price. In addition to they will point out every little thing that is wrong with the house. Negotiating repairs as well as fixing those problems can take weeks or months. Selling house in as is condition means you don’t have to do any expensive repairs or renovations. You will be offered a fair price for your house at any condition.

Its free!

Most cash for house companies offer their services at no cost, so you would be saving yourself from paying commission fees to realtors and brokers.

Its quick!

Once you agree on fair pricing, cash for house companies offer you instant cash for your house, so you can sell your house as soon as possible. You wouldn’t have to deal with disappointments such as the realtors not getting a buyer within your timeline or the buyer pulling out at the last minutes.

We’ve done a little research and have pulled up some of the popular companies where you can sell house fast in NJ.

  • Homes Group USA – Accredited Real Estate Company that can close on your house as fast 9 days in Bergen, Passaic and Essex counties in New Jersey. You can fill out a quick form with your information online, and the owner of the company will reach out to you fairly quickly at
  • Express Home Buyers: They operate in Hudson County, Essex County and Mercer County. They are BBB accredited as well.
  • We Buy NJ Real Estate: Another BBB accredited real estate company that can buy your house in any condition and operates within Essex, Union, Bergen, Passaic, Somerset, Middlesex, Monmouth and Hudson counties.
  • House Heroes: They operate in almost every county in New Jersey and is “A+ Rated” with the Better Business Bureau.

So, if you have any reason to sell house fast in NJ, now you know you can do that without the hassle and in As-Is condition, with zero repairs and no tedious realtors processes.

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