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The colors you choose for your exterior design is as important as that of the interior, they should create a welcoming ambiance whenever you step close to your house after been away for a while. From accent colors to pure whites and calming neutrals, there are a lot of options to choose from whenever you think about adorning your house with a film of paint.

You can think of your exterior color painting as the icing on the cake, mixing things up in the right way would give your home the finishing touch it needs to stand out from the crowd. It would call out to passersby’s and welcome your visitors even before they step in. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the trends in exterior colors for homes.

Introducing a Bold Front Door

This is a trend in exterior colour for homes that you can even introduce without having to repaint your entire house. Adding a bold front door color that is different from the rest of your home color would make a strong impression on anyone walking through that door. This exterior home color trend works best on houses with a pale or lighter color shade such as off white, neutral and whites. Installing a blue, or red front door color would really make your home pop out in style.

Lightening Things Up with Blue

The blue color can bring a feeling of calmness when used as an exterior color for homes. It would really take your mind away from the conventional neutral palette buildings you would find all around you and trigger your brain into relaxation mode as you are now close to home. Using lighter shades of blue would also balance things up for those who don’t want to use neutral colors and yet still want to avoid flashy colors that might be conflicting. A faint skyline shade can also be used together with a deep blue front door color to give your house that serene and yet vibrant feel.


We know that grays have become the most common neutrals for home exterior colors these days. So, what if you don’t what to get lost in that sea of grayed out houses, but you want to stand out without it been so conspicuous. Then try out taupe as it is the best alternative exterior color to gray. Since neutral-coloured houses are common, sticking with something like taupe which is a mixture of brown and gray means you are still on the safe side if you intend to put up your house for sale. The only problem with taupe or any shade of gray is that the rays of the sun affects its appearance, so you might want to make sure the position of the house relative to the sun is considered.

Go All Black

Last on our list of exterior color trends for homes is an all-black exterior color. Although this color might be dull, it can make your house stand out. This is not for the faint-hearted as you would require some level of self-confidence to pull this off. This exterior color trend sits well on exotic homes that have a more contemporary look.

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